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Deborah Law Interiors is an award winning interior design practice based in Ascot, Berkshire.

Deborah spent more than a decade in the corporate world in communications and corporate social responsibility, before starting her business in 2007 when her family moved across the UK. Her passion is her business and she loves to literally design happiness into peoples lives.

Receiving awards for her design skills, customer service and business growth means her ability to deliver amazing interiors for clients is super successful!

When not designing, Deborah will be enjoying the outdoors with friends, exploring new places, and of course – shopping for accessories!

A qualified interior designer, furniture designer and a member of The British College of Interior Design; Deborah and her talented team of craftsmen, design and remodel properties across Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, London and further.

Why Choose Deborah Law Interiors?

We want you to live happier lives

Our environment shapes our mood. Our aim is to deliver the most perfectly designed space for you – a place you will love to be in, and can’t wait to return home!

We’ll give you an honest design appraisal

We’ll advise you what will enhance your living space…and what won’t. Ensuring practicality combines with luxury.

We have a simple and stress free process

Clear and straight forward. Your stress levels will go down – and excitement will go up!

We take great care

We respect and value your choice in us and take care of everything to make your experience fun and rewarding.

What clients say…watch our client videos on our testimonial page