When it comes to decorating, choosing paint colour can be a real challenge. There are so many choices it can feel impossible to know where to start!

So let me guess: in the past you’ve headed down to the DIY store – bought a few testers – returned home – painted them on your walls – repeated the whole process two or three times, wasting time, energy and money. In fact, you’ve probably lost a whole day out of your precious weekend. Well, let me share with you that there’s no need to do any of that! No need to waste your time, energy and money.

Paint colour is actually the last thing I focus on with clients because the fabric will tell us what the paint colour should be. When designing a room scheme it is much more important to focus on the colours and textures of the more expensive elements in the room – the carpet, and tiles, the sofas; and then when all these elements have been decided, you look to the colour that will complement the whole scheme. Unless of course a feature wall is in your plans, then follow the process outlined above for the second colour.

Choosing your paint colour can be a real task - by using the Dulux Colour Mixing System you can save time, money and energy... paint colour How to…choose the right paint colour colourful paint pots e1435237372159

Choosing your paint colour can be a real task – by using the Dulux Colour Mixing System you can save time, money and energy…

In many cases we choose a shade that’s in a fabric; we take a piece of the fabric down to the local Dulux Colour Mixing System, point precisely to the colour shade we want to match to…et voila! The paint is mixed for us and is 100% the perfect colour for the scheme – no exceptions!

If you happen to be changing only the paint colour in a room, then I would suggest you take the colour card samples of the Dulux Colour Mixing System home first and hold them to your walls. You may pick two or three colours which, yes you’ll get tester pots mixed, but I bet you’ll find the right colour in one trip! I’ve always found their Mixing System colour cards much more accurate than off the shelf paint colour.

So to save your precious time, money and energy when sourcing your paint colour, why not give the Dulux Colour Mixing System a go? I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

by Deborah Law

Interior Designer and Furniture Designer at Deborah Law Interiors

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