Lighting is key when creating aesthetically pleasing and mood enhancing living spaces. Thoughtful lighting complements beautiful design and key features in your home, as well as impacting how we feel.

Those who know me will know I strongly believe that interior design is about creating happiness as well as luxury living spaces, and good lighting is essential when creating happiness.

The first (and arguably most important) lighting option to consider is natural light. Natural light is perfect light; it truthfully reflects colours and illuminates creativity. You can enhance your natural light by considering creating larger windows, inserting skylights, and by placing mirrors opposite a natural light source (this trick will also make the room feel bigger than it actually is!).

Bespoke furniture design lighting plan Lighting: planning the lighting in your home slider3

African stool and bespoke designed sofa, with lighting from Heathfield

Once you’ve looked at the natural light in a room you can then have a think about practical / task and creative lighting options. Your options are plentiful, and include: ceiling spot lights, ceiling pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lights, table lamps, wall lights, desk lights, LED, and candle light. Each of these serves a different purpose and which ones you choose will be dictated by what you want to achieve with your room, for example if your room has been designed around one key piece of artwork, then you’ll want to have a spot light illuminating that piece, or if you want a room that’s a statement then key lamps or perhaps hanging chandelier.

Lighting is an art form in itself. Sculpture can certainly meet illumination. Bert Frank, Heathfield, and Porta Romana are examples of brands you should definitely explore for inspiration here. I’ve linked through to some of my favourites.

I always aim to create four lighting levels in each room as this gives you enough light choices to create all the different moods you’ll need. Another piece of advice I have for you is (whenever possible) ensure that your lighting has dimmer controls – this enables you to be in total control of the mood in your room. For example, in a dining room you’ll want full light for family meal times, but when you’re having an adults-only dinner party you’ll want to create a more ambient atmosphere and will want to dim the lights to help create this.

So remember, lighting is your friend – use it for both tasks and style!

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