Whilst visiting the Minotti London store recently, I overheard one of the sales representatives speaking about the virtues of the Minotti brand. She made a point which really resonates with me:

“Minotti is the only true Italian furniture brand”.

Italy is widely regarded as the design super house for how we dress both ourselves and our homes. Each year it hosts some of Europe’s biggest furniture, interior design and fashion events such as Salone del Mobile 2015, International Milano Furniture Fair, HOMI Milano (Lifestyle and Interior Design Fair), and the biannual Milan Fashion Week.

Homi Milano, 12-15 September 2015 made in Made in ? HOMI

Homi Milano, 12-15 September 2015

When we think of Italian design we think of fashionable, trendsetting, innovative design, high quality, and luxury. Brands such as Minnoti, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana have all become synonymous with Italian attitude and quality, and when purchasing from them you know what to expect.

When you buy from a brand name, you’re buying the brand values as well as the item itself. Qualities that resonate with you – ones that you want in your life.

The Minotti representative, then continued to say that Minotti is the only Italian brand where everything they produce (including every component that makes up their furniture) is still made in Italy.

Deborah's client loved this gorgeous Minotti Leslie Armchair (and yes, it was Made in Italy!) made in Made in ? Minotti Chair

Deborah’s client loved this gorgeous Minotti Leslie Armchair (and yes, it was Made in Italy!)

Misleadingly, the term ‘made in’ can actually be used by companies if the more accurate description of their products are ‘assembled in’. So you could be buying from an Italian furniture brand, where all the components have been made in say China and it was only put together in Italy. The actual source may not be an issue for you if you’re just after the brand name and look of the item, but for those who wish to purchase the full quality of a brand and not just a name then ‘made in’ is something you should question.

by Deborah Law

Interior Designer and Furniture Designer at Deborah Law Interiors

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