For interior designers, there has been a great tool for a while now to help share concept ideas with clients.

Houzz, the on-line interior design platform allows you to create idea books where you can organise images, similar to Pinterest. But you can also establish ‘private idea books’ that only you and your client can see. Fantastic! An easy way to keep ideas altogether, without lots of email exchanges and all participants can also comment on each image.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 20.43.03  Sharing ideas – the interactive way Screen Shot 2016 02 22 at 20

I now establish an idea book with every client, and it’s also been great to get one clients’ children involved – so they can share ideas/things they like with me and I can suggest things to them. 89 images in one image book!

Houzz is also a great platform for the public to research and engage with relevant trade professionals that they need. Professionals can create profiles of their work, from designers to builders and companies also sell their property related products on this platform too.

If you haven’t already had a look at Houzz? take a look and do track me down and ‘follow’ my updates! It’s like an interior design encyclopedia!

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