One reason for working with an interior designer, is to solve the stress you feel from having too much choice.

If you go round in circles and get headaches about not knowing what to choose and even worse – thinking will that decision be right? Then the services of an interior designer maybe of great value to you?

Last week I toured the length and breadth of the UK visiting supplier showrooms for inspiration for a current project. I must have seen many thousands of products, from furniture to lighting, to kitchens to rugs. Sights like these… spaces crammed full of products were common place in these trade showrooms.

IMG_2645  Do you suffer from too much choice? IMG 2645 e1442577392922 840x627

But with some key parameters in mind, I only saw what was right and that’s what happens when you have a good plan, led by a clear objective.

Only a few pieces will suit the scheme I’m designing currently – in fact 2 sofa’s, 2 occasional chairs, 1 dressing table chair, a pair of lamps and one large mirror. Not much from seeing thousands of products I grant you, but only they fit the design brief.

If this is you? Blinded by the vast amount of choice, you could benefit from my book…‘Everything you need to know before you start your interior design project’. Here I talk about how to prepare you. The what, where and how much of it, with what else? Can be easily decided if you structure yourself and answer the right questions/solve the right problems first. So download your FREE COPY from my website 

I firmly believe we can happier in spaces that help us be more productive and more together. So happy reading, and good luck!

ebook  Do you suffer from too much choice? ebook

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