Nova Ivory Sofa


A stunning large sofa we’ve used more than once and clients loved it. Don’t plan to sell sofas really, but this is such a commanding piece and is a huge part of an overall design scheme with its fabulous looks! A modern and stylish statement sofa in a crisp ivory line mix. 100% polyester fabric. Black base. Only available in this colour and very heavy! Once it’s in it’s not moving!


Classy furniture never goes out of style! That’s the Deborah Law Interiors motto!?

A statement sofa in any home. Only order if there is no obstruction for a large artic lorry to get close to your property entrance. Kerb side delivery only, though they usually help you get it through the doorway. Just being honest about delivery!

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 120 × 280 × 90 cm