We have been working with Deborah since just before the start of the pandemic and despite no face to face contact since then, we have had successful virtual conversations and with her advice and design, have managed to develop a great plan for a major downstairs renovation including living / kitchen area and have detailed drawings and tenders put out using Deborah’s trusted contacts. Hopefully we will be able to start and finish the project in 202i, slightly later than hoped for but who knew what 2020 would be like! Thank you, Deborah, so far

Mrs Gold

My wife and I wanted to totally revamp the ground floor of our house to include an extension to the rear. This includes a new kitchen, large living space, utility room, entrance hall and gym. We looked at a number of local interior designers and decided that Deborah had the most interesting portfolio, a knowledge of local professionals, and has exceptionally high standards!! First off, she’s very professional and has a vast experience in interior design. She’s a great listener, wants to do her best for you and is a lovely person. Whilst we are still waiting for planning permission the design options she have us we’re great. We picked the one that totally suited us with a bit of fine tuning & can’t wait to get started. Totally recommend Deborah.

Mr Cook

I took the wise step of asking Deborah to review a vision I have created for a forthcoming extension project. Having never done such a project I needed guidance to confirm some decisions, challenge others. It was a prudent investment, Deborah helped me with a lot of clarity, offered wisened challenge that’s given me some clearer decision choices. Some were practical on window sizes, placement, others were how to more effectively use the design colour palette I’ve selected. And a tip or two on how to make a smaller space seem larger. And given me a couple of further items to think about I hadn’t yet encapsulated in my design. All very good.

All in all it’s definitely helped shortcut a number of my decisions. Money well invested as it’ll ensure a more effective application which I believe will come back in added value to my house.

Deborah, Thankyou for the time and advice.

Mr Tim Stratton